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About Gedeon Richter Plc.

Mission and vision

Founded in 1901 and headquartered in Hungary, Gedeon Richter Plc. is a European pharmaceutical group whose mission is to provide high quality medicinal products to the public to improve the quality of human life. Based on its solid expertise in gynaecology, longstanding traditions in innovation, a dedicated international team and strong alliances with its strategic partners, Richter’s goal is to become a specialty multinational company with high added value products that help millions of patients worldwide and to establish value for its shareholders by its expanding activity.


In the process of transitioning from a mainly generic regional midpharma company into a global specialty pharma firm, Richter has identified the following strategic directions, while keeping the generic portfolio as well: gynaecology, biological medicines, original research. Richter’s strategy is to become a strong specialty pharma company, with a main focus on gynaecology, and at the same time to have a diversified product portfolio covering main therapeutic areas.

International presence

Besides its Hungarian facilities, Richter boasts five manufacturing units, one development unit, 29 representative offices and 38 commercial and marketing subsidiaries. The Richter brand is well established in Central Eastern Europe and the CIS and the company has an expanding presence in Western Europe in the field of gynaecology. In 2013 the company started further expansion in Latin America. The Richter Group’s annual turnover amounts to EUR 1.2 billion with more than 90% resulting from exports. With a marketing network covering five continents, Richter products are distributed in more than 100 countries. Top international markets include the EU and the CIS countries, but Richter products can also be found, for instance, in China and the US. The company employs 11000 people worldwide.

Product portfolio

The Richter Group’s portfolio includes 200 products in 400 presentations. While the dominant part of the company’s turnover still originates from generic drugs, Richter also markets own developed compounds and licensed products. The main therapeutic areas comprise gynaecology (38% of sales), cardiovascular, central nervous system, muscle relaxants and gastrointestinal. The product range is expanded by 3-5 medications per year and Richter’s own biosimilars of high added value will soon provide additional treatment options.

R&D and innovation

With more than 1000 employees and an annual budget of EUR 112 million (10% of sales) in the field of research and development, Richter today is the most significant pharmaceutical research base in the Central and Eastern European region. R&D covers three areas: original research (new chemical entities), generic product development and recombinant biotechnological activities. Original research is traditionally focused on diseases of the central nervous system with the atypical antipsychotic compound cariprazine being the most promising new product in the portfolio. Meanwhile, biotechnological R&D targets oncology and immunology. Richter’s biotech facilities in Germany and Hungary make it possible to manufacture both mammalian cell and bacterial cell based biosimilars. The first biotechnological products are to be launched in the course of 2017.

Focusing on Women’s healthcare

Richter has long-term experience in the field of gynaecological therapies dating back to the first steroid experiments conducted by the company’s founder. Currently, Richter makes available one of the world’s widest range of women’s healthcare products while continuing to expand its portfolio. With its oral and emergency contraceptives, contraceptive devices and patch, antifungal, osteoporosis and hormone replacement therapy products, the company offers innovative therapeutic solutions for every age group. Since 2010 Richter has also been engaged in original research in gynaecology with the aim of developing a new class of drugs for benign gynaecological conditions. The first such product, a unique therapy for the non-surgical treatment of uterine fibroids, has already been launched in several markets worldwide.

Finox and Richter: Stronger together

Gedeon Richter Plc. acquired Finox Holding in June 2016. The transaction allows Richter to establish its presence in the female fertility therapeutic area and further expand its Women’s Healthcare portfolio.

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